Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Food & Drink: Our favorite local watering hole

If you noticed my post title this week doesn't include wine, that's because although I do occasionally enjoy a nice glass of pinot here, the bartenders make the best french martinis in the city.  It's our most frequented and favorite place for lunch and dinner...Cactus Jacks.

CJs (as we and our friends call it) has an amazing variety of dishes on their menu.   They offer everything from pasta and burritos to gumbo and burgers.  Our faves are the cajun bacon wrapped shrimp, BBQ OK Corral, seafood gumbo (pretty much anything seafood for that matter) and of course, the most delicious burger in town: the Black Jack Burger.  We both love it. 

They also offer a really great incentive program called Paybacks!  For every hundred dollars you spend you get a $10 gift certificate.  When we go with friends it's always a race when the check comes to see who can whip out their Paybacks card first.  It definitely keeps us going back for more!

So if you want really great food that's delicious every time, a super comfy laid back atmosphere and some of the best drinks in town, head over to CJs!   I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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