Saturday, January 22, 2011

A tiny corner of Paris...right here in Boston.

New England Home is one of my favorite publications, and I fell in love with this Paris style apartment in Boston that was featured in the Nov/Dec. 2009 issue. 

The feel of the home is so rich and luxurious, yet still very welcoming and relaxed.  The perfect balance of comfort and beauty. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative Tuesday: Decorating with Typography

One of my recent posts talked about my love of typography, and this is a follow up to that featuring two projects displayed in our home along with similar photos that I love.

The first one is based on a print I saw in an ad for Jayson Home & Garden.  Totally fell in love with this print, but unfortunately I wasn't able to shell out the $2,495 for it.   I was able to recreate something similar though and it's one of my favorite projects.  I printed 3 separate pieces and attached each one to a small canvas.  It has a more light and airy effect than the full size framed piece but I love it just as much.

The next piece I created using my favorite verse from our wedding song "Lonely Road of Faith" by Kid Rock.  LOVE this piece.

My next project will be one with white text on black (which is my favorite look), just have to decide what I want it to say...  I took a great photo of a subway sign when we were in NYC so I'm thinking of using that!
Enjoy the rest and have a great week!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've always loved the feeling that texture brings into a space.  I love things to be clean and simple,  but I'm also huge on the cozy factor so achieving both can be challenging sometimes.

My latest obsession for both texture and coziness has been faux fur & lambswool.  The room doesn't even need to have much in it, but if the texture and softness of the fur is there it just works for me and feels super cozy. 

I'm posting some of my faves and absolutely love them all!
Enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend everyone!
Photo credits: Casa Sugar, Coastal Living, Francis Kasvakreverden, Hoosta Magazine, Hus & Hem, Simply Seductive, Slumber Designs and The Lil Bee.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Food & Drink: Our favorite local watering hole

If you noticed my post title this week doesn't include wine, that's because although I do occasionally enjoy a nice glass of pinot here, the bartenders make the best french martinis in the city.  It's our most frequented and favorite place for lunch and dinner...Cactus Jacks.

CJs (as we and our friends call it) has an amazing variety of dishes on their menu.   They offer everything from pasta and burritos to gumbo and burgers.  Our faves are the cajun bacon wrapped shrimp, BBQ OK Corral, seafood gumbo (pretty much anything seafood for that matter) and of course, the most delicious burger in town: the Black Jack Burger.  We both love it. 

They also offer a really great incentive program called Paybacks!  For every hundred dollars you spend you get a $10 gift certificate.  When we go with friends it's always a race when the check comes to see who can whip out their Paybacks card first.  It definitely keeps us going back for more!

So if you want really great food that's delicious every time, a super comfy laid back atmosphere and some of the best drinks in town, head over to CJs!   I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative Tuesday: Design inspired by fashion

I decided to take a different approach to this week's creative post, and instead of writing about a project I've done I'm shining the spotlight one of my most favorite sources of inspiration: fashion.

While perusing the other day looking for an article that I wanted to share with my mom, I stumbled upon some fabulous photos from the most recent Fashion's Night Out (still can't believe I haven't purchased a t-shirt yet!)

I was instantly reminded of the ivory dupioni silk drapes that I bought for our family room when I saw all of these gorgeous skirts.  I have to mention that Rachel Ashwell's bedroom drapes (2nd to last pic) are right up there with my most coveted.


Photo Credits: Vogue, Shabby Chic, Decor Pad, Decorology, Designer Draperies and Eva Designs.