Living a beautiful life...a philosophy I've lived by since I was young, and have my mother to thank for. From as far back into my childhood as I can remember, she and I both made a habit of rearranging furniture & accessories to keep our spaces fresh and inspiring. I’ve always been able to find beauty in so many things, from fresh cut flowers to a family heirloom, a sparkly brooch or the perfect shade of salmon on a pair of wedges... or even a beat up wooden soda box that I love to use for extra storage in my home.

Today, having a career as a graphic designer and a passion for interior decorating, I’m always on the hunt for items that inspire me and get my creative mind moving. Having an equally strong passion for music, food, wine and traveling, I love sharing what I consider ‘great finds’ with others so they can experience the same joy in their lives.

My belief is if we surround ourselves with beautiful and inspiring things everyday – even if it’s just a small ivory candle or a one of a kind guitar pick from your favorite band...how can we not always be happy? And isn’t happiness what life is all about?

Hope you enjoy my blog!