Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interior Doors

Happy holidays everyone!  The countdown is on, and no matter which traditions you celebrate, I hope you're all prepared and fully into the holiday spirit!

This week's blog post is dedicated to a super creative way to hang interior doors that I'm so totally in love with which is using a track system.

The first door I ever saw like this I loved immediately, was at our friends Sarah & Tyler's house (click here to see their gorgeous house tour (that I drool over every time I see it) on Apartment Therapy.)  The first photo below is theirs. 

I love the track system because it adds so much character to the wall that it's on and the room that it's in, and the more hardware the better in my book.  The choice of doors to use is endless, and depending on your style you can really draw some great attention to your space with this design element.  I think it offers the same space saving quality of a pocket door, but with so much more style. 

Enjoy these beautiful photos and have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Photos courtesy of: Britannia Wardrobes, Closet Shelf, Design Sponge, Doors Sliding, Greene Partners, Luxury Ideas, Max Levy, Real Carriage Doors, Remodelista and Sunset.

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  1. Our new house has a barn door like this for the upstairs bathroom...we are in love with's such a cool element!