Saturday, December 4, 2010

Creating a photo gallery in your home

I love hanging pictures up in our home.  We spend so much time with our friends and family and make so many wonderful memories with all of them, it's so nice to find a creative and beautiful way to have all of these great people on display. 

My husband owns a painting & construction company with his best friend, so the work he does in our home is just amazing.  The walls look so beautiful after he's finished with them that I'm always so hesitant to put nails in them.  I threw that caution to the wind recently though and hung a bunch of pictures up...everywhere.  I decided to do it gallery style like I've been seeing in my Pottery Barn catalogs for a while now.  I'm loving the displays so far!

The first three photos below are from our kitchen and bedroom.  I was lucky enough to catch our cat Tony in one of them :)  The rest are gorgeous examples I found online courtesy of Pottery Barn and Apartment Therapy.

Enjoy and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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