Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the holiday season continues...

As I was sifting through almost a week's worth of emails late last night, I read something from a dear friend of mine that sums up the holiday season for my family in a nutshell: We are the only people she knows that celebrate Christmas Week.  It can be a tad exhausting, but boy do we love it.

Our families (mine in particular) and circles of friends have grown quite extensively over the years.  We have relatives that visit from up North and out West.  Friends and their families who  have welcomed us to celebrate their traditions with them.  And this year we have new additions to both families that we are celebrating the holidays with for the first time, so the season has really been jam packed with Christmas cheer and lots of excitement.  We are very blessed and enjoying every second of it!

I do apologize for being away from my blog for over a week... and I promise to sign back on once our holiday season is over and the new year has begun!

Until then, happy holidays everyone!  And here's a Christmasy snug hello from Brady and Cali!

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