Saturday, November 20, 2010

The timeless, chic & classic....tartan plaid

While I was working on a project at work the other day for Christmas 2011, the subject of tartan plaid came up and I've been thinking about it ever since.  The idea for this blog popped into my mind this morning as I was putting my dog Cali's plaid sweater on to go outside  (it's become super chilly out), then again when I crawled back into bed under my favorite orange plaid Ralph Lauren comforter that I purchased back in 1998.  I'm totally and completely in love with tartan plaid. 
I started thinking about all the beautiful patterns I've fallen in love with over the last few years and Sarah Jessica Parker's Alexander McQueen gown was definitely one that stuck out, so of course I had to include it on here.  There's just something so beautiful about this particular pattern on satin or taffeta that I find irresistible.  There was also a gorgeous satin clutch that j.crew had in there 2008 holiday collection...I would have included that as well but shockingly, seem to have tossed that catalog.  What was I thinking?

Tartan plaid is such a classic.  It's timeless, beautiful, nostalgic...and makes a wonderful statement in the home or in your wardrobe.  I especially love the tie in my collage, it's super sexy at Christmas time ;)  Think I've finally decided what my holiday decorating theme will be this year!  And I'm really excited to get started.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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