Saturday, November 6, 2010

Open shelving systems

I'm one that likes things clean and simple.  I love the elements of texture and layering, conversation worthy vignettes and every element that adds coziness to a room.  But even utilizing all these practices things still need to feel clean and simple to me.

That's why I've always loved doors on my cabinets.  However...the past couple years I've been noticing more and more open shelving systems which I'm really falling in love with.  Especially in the kitchen.

This photo definitely satisfies my obsession for all things to be neat and orderly, but is such a beautiful and striking display of everyday things.  The look is light and airy, and clean and simple.  The use of texture with the clear glass and the wicker baskets is such a great combo.  And the stainless steel is such a wonderful match to everything white and keeps everything feeling very steamlined.   I love every element of this photo, right down to the ceiling fixture.  It's pure beauty and functionality at it's best!

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