Sunday, February 20, 2011

Current source of inspiration

I must apologize for being away for so long....the stress and germs of the season finally caught up with me and had me sick in bed and on the sofa for the last few weeks.  But I seem to be on the mend (finally!) and I'm anxious to share this gorgeous room with you!

It's a guest room at the Elysian Hotel in Chicago, (photo courtesy of ELLE DECOR) and is my current source of inspiration to reference when we decorate our next home (whenever we finally purchase one.)  My goal is to incorporate gray furniture and carpeting because my whites and ivorys are proving to be very high maintenance with a house full of pets.

I love all of the crown molding here and the black door is just stunning.  The purple flowers and large wall mirror complete the look and make it feel polished and comfy at the same time.

So in love with it!! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is staying warm wherever you are!!

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