Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Expert tips for a comfortable home

I found these on and #1 is THE most essential (in my book...ask Jay) for creating a welcoming, cozy environment. Read on!

1.) Good Lighting
The most important thing of all is lighting. It should come from lamps, not overhead. So many people forget about it or don't realize the significance of it. Warm, cozy lighting on a dimmer -- always. --Laura Hunt,

2.) Smart Side Tables
You wouldn't think of side tables as adding comfort, but they do, because they give everyone in a room a place to put their drink. I think coasters make people feel comfortable, too, because they not only say stay and have a drink, but they remove the worry from guests of wondering if it's safe to put down a glass.--Grant K. Gibson;

3.) Room for All
I can't life without my kitchen farm table. The table has two built-in drawers, one for flatware and one for napkins, so casual entertaining is a no-hassle event.--Annette Joseph,

4.) Inviting Seating
Everyone needs a super-cozy chair or chaise that hugs you when you sit on it. A pretty chair is not necessarily a comfortable chair, so a "me" chair is a must.--Jonathan Ranchman,

5.) Piles of Pillows
I love pillows, generously scaled, plump, full pillows. On a bed, in a chair, perched on a sofa -- I think beautifully finished pillows add a coziness that's easy to layer into a space at little cost.-- Patrice Cowan Bevans,

6.) Plush Bedding
I would be in such dread without my down comforter with Egyptian cotton duvet. Not only does it look fabulous, but it keeps me so warm and cozy.--Nadia Geller,

7.) Versatile Seating
Comfort is all about practicality to me. I love to have extra floor pillows in a room. You can store them in a trunk, but it's nice to use them for extra seating or stacked as a foot rest.--Jonathan Rachman,

8.) Window Treatments
The addition of beautifully finished drapes or shades are to a room what a great handbag is to someone's day-to-day dressing: You can certainly function without them, but once you have them, you wonder how you lived without.--Patrice Cowan Bevans,

9.) Pretty Flowers
I think flowers make a room feel more comfortable. I'm not talking about big fancy bouquets, but a single peony or rose in a teacup, or fresh herbs in a wine tumbler -- anything that adds fragrance.--Grant K. Gibson;

10.) Treasured Accents
Comfort is surrounding yourself with special things. I love to collect things in a room. This separates a merely decorated room from a fantastic one.--Annette Joseph,

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